Dear all,


We have all had some spare time during this period of lockdown, OK maybe not all of us. Hats off to you all that have been working hard to keep us safe. We at Folkeshare have conducted some research and get your thoughts on how Folkeshare can move forward beyond the pandemic and the results have been really exciting. Thank you so much for all your feedback, support and enthusiasm to date.  You have given us a really good idea of the direction we’d like to be heading in  to make Folkeshare a really useful tool within the Folkestone and Hythe community in the future.  


All our plans will take some time to implement and we are also aware that the important safety measures around COVID 19 mean that it is difficult to imagine how to responsibly manage exchanges at the moment.  For these reasons, we are going to take a leaf out of the book of some of the bigger time banks in the UK and press pause on Folkeshare until the new year.

This means we are suspending all activities, including signing up new members for the time being. However, the brokers will be working on getting ourselves ready for the so-called “new normal” and making sure everything is properly in place before we re-launch after Christmas.


If anyone wants to carry on the conversation about time banking, please be in touch. You can contact us by email 



See you all soon, when we will be rejuvenated and stronger than ever!


In the mean time you can find us on our Facebook community page Right Here


Folkeshare x

Working together as a community

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