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Give help, receive help - ONE HOUR = ONE CREDIT

A new approach to volunteering


a timebank for Folkestone and Hythe

What is time banking?

A time bank is a new and exciting way for people to come together to help others and help themselves at the same time.


Participants ‘deposit’ their time in the bank by giving practical help and support to others and are able to ‘withdraw’ their time when they need something done themselves.


In a time bank, everyone becomes both a giver and a receiver. Everyone’s time is valued equally: One hour = 1 time credit

Participants can spend their time credits on the skills and support of other participants when they need a helping hand.


People help each other out with everything from making phone calls to sharing meals and giving lifts to the shops – anything that brings them together. As such Time Banking has an economic benefit as well as improving well-being and building social networks.


"Even a small community

can make a

big difference"




Sign up to Folkeshare

Go to Time Online 2 and fill out the form to join. If you need any help with this, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your membership won't be activated right away because we need to do the next bit first...


We will get in touch

When we receive your sign up form we will contact you to

to arrange a face to face appointment where you can learn more about us and we can start to get to know you. We also need to arrange to contact two references for you - this is an informal process just to make sure you are a real person! You can ask a family member, friend or colleague to be your referee.


Start time banking!

We will take up your references and then you can start earning and spending time credits!

Working together as a community


Questions or comments? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP

Folkeshare is hosted and managed by Custom Folkestone C.I.C.

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